Chair/Vice Chair

  1. Manage committee’s work & chair meetings.
  2. Point of contact for Club.
  3. Data Protection Controller for skier & volunteer records.
  4. Responsible for equal opportunities matters within the Club.
  5. Joint signatory for club financial transactions.

The role of Vice Chair will be allocated to one of the other Committee Officers. Requirements are to cover the role of Chair in their temporary absence.


  1. Record income & expenditure accurately & in a timely fashion.
  2. Ensure all receipts banked & payments made promptly.
  3. Prepare & present annual accounts
  4. Current financial position update to committee meetings.
  5. Prepare annual budget & obtain agreement from committee.
  6. Ensure grant applications are made appropriately & include all legitimately claimable items.
  7. Joint signatory for club financial transactions.
  8. Ensure subs collected at each session and fees for DSUK sent off regularly.


  1. Link with governing body – Slope organiser.
  2. Organise session committee & AGM dates .
  3. Organise nominations and changes of committee membership
  4. Contact and information point for new skiers & volunteers.
  5. Pre – session check with volunteers/skiers to ensure attendance & liaise with Training Officer who will allocate sessions
  6. Ensure volunteer records

are maintained and carry out annual qualification & CRB check

  1. Data Protection Compliance Officer – ensure club records are kept and shared in accordance with the Act.
  2. Joint signatory for club financial transactions.

Includes sending accident forms to governing body

Equipment Officer

  1. Maintain GDS Asset register and do annual audit.
  2. Equipment maintenance & records of work.
  3. Equipment needs identification, authorisation & purchase.
  4. Deal with equipment loan requests and records.
  5. Joint signatory for club financial transactions.

Training Officer

  1. Before each session to liaise with Sec/Admin & to allocate volunteers to skiers and communicate this.
  2. Assess new skiers & decide method of ‘teaching’.
  3. Oversee volunteers, assess their ability & sign off when competent in specific disciplines.
  4. Organise Induction training for all new volunteers
  5. Explain, demonstrate & train others in adaptive techniques.
  6. Explain, demonstrate & train others in safety issues with slope, equipment, teaching & disabilities.
  7. Offer & contribute to additional training when needed.
  8. Ensure club skier training records are maintained.

Working closely with Coach – there will be some overlap of role.


  1. Provide supervision & guidance to helpers.
  2. Coach Club members – skiers, volunteers, instructors, coaches.
  3. Audit club volunteer, instructor & coach training records
  4. Provide specialist input on materials for club operating manual.
  5. Support the development of teaching/coaching programmes for regular skiers.
  6. To offer and contribute to additional training when needed.

Working closely with Training Officer – there will be some overlap of role.

Welfare Officer

  1. Lead contact for child protection.
  2. Ensure child protection processes in place& monitor and audit them.
  3. Accident procedures including review of accident forms.
  4. Overarching responsibility for health and safety matters.
  5. Ensure appropriate risk assessments are done and kept up-to-date.

Skiers’ Representative – 2 members

  1. Gather and represent views of Club skiers.
  2. Help the Committee to develop the Club in the best way to support the skiers.
  3. Assist in projects for the Club.

Fund Raising and Marketing Officer

  1. Club communications, e.g. website and newsletters.
  2. Promotions for new skiers and/or volunteers.
  3. Lead on fund raising and grant applications.
  4. Develop appropriate local and national contacts to support the role

All Committee Members

  1. Complaints
  2. Disciplinary matters
  3. Health & Safety matters

Note – these roles are indicative and may be adjusted by the Management Committee to suit current needs and capabilities of those elected